Jeremy is a great teacher and has a knack for teaching young kids due to his very patient demeanor. We are sad that we are not close to his studio anymore or we would continue to have him mentor our son. Would highly recommend him to anyone. Best of luck in your new business Jeremy!
—David Cianciolo, October 2016

Jeremy is an amazing teacher who kept my son motivated to practice and play for many years.
—Erin Cianciolo, Sep 2016

The best part about the guitar lessons I took with Jeremy is that he really listened to what I wanted to learn. He catered his lessons to my taste in music which is what made learning guitar enjoyable. Thanks Jeremy!
—Sean Tumblety

I took guitar lessons from Jeremy for many years. As when I started it was from scratch as I converted over from Saxophone. From the basic knowledge of picking, holding and placement to more intricate knowledge of theory, scales and chords. Even reviewing songs of my choice I wanted to learn. Jeremy is truly a master of his craft with excellent patience paired vast knowledge and teaching skills. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to start or a musician looking to start or a musician looking to improve.
—Travis Philbrook

Jeremy has a vast knowledge of music theory, harmony, melody and overall guitar technique. Jeremy is well versed in many genres of music from jazz to rock to folk and beyond. Jeremy has been instrumental in my musical development as he was my first guitar teacher and I have continued to rely on him as a resource ever since. Most notably, Jeremy prepared me for my audition into the Umass Lowell music bachelor degree program. Jeremy, as a second year music student himself, taught me to read music, taught me scales and chords and taught me the fundamentals of music theory. I absolutely would not have passed my audition if it were not for Jeremy! Without his passion for teaching and inspiring greatness out of me, I certainly would not be the musician I am today.
—Brian W.

Players of varied experience and proficiency can all learn a great deal from Jeremy Houle. And, his prowess in various styles from jazz, to rock; from Americana to the avant garde make him a near universal value to guitar players seeking insight and improvement on their guitar.
—Corey Blanchette

Jeremy Houle has the chops and know-how to teach students of varying ages and skill levels. My guitar lessons with him were laid-back and fun, because he tailored the content to my particular interests. If you are looking for a teacher in the Wakefield area, I recommend Jeremy without reservation.
—Ethan Stern

Jeremy is very knowledgeable and skilled in music, especially in guitar. He also is skilled in other aspects of music including songwriting. Today, I still use the songwriting skills that he taught me when I was a teen. He is an excellent teacher for all ages. Jeremy is inspirational and will help you advance your skills. He is awesome!
—Katie B.

If anyone is looking to take guitar lessons, Jeremy Houle is the guy to see. His knowledge and teaching skill are second-to-none. He is methodical in how he approaches his students and has a path in mind for all skill levels.
—Jason Silverstein